Even the dream of being in nature is so beautiful. But what about tasting nature?

When "Natura" asked us to prepare an advertising campaign, we thought about it based on the brand identity. In our message, we emphasized the taste and naturalness of "Natura": Natura - Taste from Nature!

Along with the message, we also created a video clip. With emotional touches, we showed that nature visits homes with "Natura." In the end, we not only delivered the product benefits but also created a video clip where people could feel themselves in nature while watching.

In the next stage, we created "key visual" and special stand designs for stores that align with the commercial. With our effective BTL idea, we successfully concluded the campaign.

We worked hard as a team for the success of the campaign. In moments of fatigue, we rejuvenated ourselves by enjoying plenty of "Natura" and feeling ourselves embraced by nature.