The advertising campaign we prepared for Samsung's "Galaxy A" series is one of our notable works.

When formulating the campaign idea, we focused on the different emotions people experience and the reactions they elicit. For example, moments of joy, concern, amazement, and in all these moments, we say "AAA." It is no coincidence that our smartphone is usually with us during these moments. It was from here that we created a love story that combines the product and the moments when we say "AAA. For the campaign, which we prepared by adding a local touch, we came up with the slogan: "Hər AAAnında Galaxy A yanında!" (Galaxy A is with you in every moment!).

In addition to all this, we developed a specific stylistic approach for the campaign on social media platforms. Considering that our audience is young, we strategically placed digital ads in universities, cafes, and restaurants. Leveraging the support of influencers also helped us reach a wider audience.

In short, by targeting the right audience and adopting a professional and conceptual approach, we achieved excellent results throughout the campaign.