One of the successful works of us is the communication campaign in cooperation with the largest bank of Caucasus region - the International Bank of Azerbaijan, for bank's new product - Tamkart. Tamkart, which combines the functions of several cards, is exactly the card that everyone wants and has many advantages that people want to see in one card.

The campaign was made up of teaser and main stages. During the teaser stage, we told people “Ürəyində bir arzu tut!” (Make your wish) through broadcasting a video on television, social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), as well as, open air commercials. At the same time, we made people to think about their wishes through digital video ads, social media posts and countdown videos during the 10-day teaser phase.

Then, as the launch of the main campaign, with the slogan “İstədiyin tam budur!” (This is what you want) we introduced Tamkart to people through all communication channels. In addition to television, radio, and outdoor advertising, we reached larger target audience through digital media advertising.

In both phases, digital ads were targeted to reach specific audiences that were selected according to certain parameters. With the special targeting, countdown videos posted on social media were shown to people who had watched the teaser video. We also did an ad placement on the WeTransfer platform, which is widely used by our target audience. In addition, we organized a special contest on social media, developed the design of contest`s website and a video tutorial on the contest.

The gifs we made for the contest, which included the main slogan of the campaign and branding of Tamkart, got special attention by people.

During both the teaser and main stages, about 70 influencers who were selected according to the target mass supported our communication campaign to reach a wider audience.

The results at the end of both stages clearly demonstrate that the campaign has been successful and has got great interest.