Kapital Bank

As Havas Media Azerbaijan, we started co-operation with country's first bank, Kapital Bank, and introduce new mobile application of the bank, BirBank, through different communication channels.

First of all, we created special icon that reminds Kapital Bank logo and is harmonious with its brand identification.

Thereafter, in order to emphasise the main advantage of mobile banking for people – “no need to wait for bank services”, we started “Gözləmə” (“Do not wait”) campaign. During teaser phase, we kept people in curiosity with “Do not wait!” message and said people “Do not wait!” with outdoor advertising, 3 different teaser videos on TV channels and with the Azerbaijani songs that include the word “to wait” on radio.

At the same time, we made a teaser page, shared posts with #gozleme (#donotwait) hash tag and made gozleme.az website. After two weeks we started the launch campaign and introduced the service to people in all media channels. We communicated benefits of application with different posts. The results of both teaser and main phases were above expectations and demonstrate the success of the campaign.